About Us

Al Jaidi Construction:

Al Jaidi contracting is a construction and maintenance company Established in 1437 H (Greg 2015), located in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, Al Jaidi Contracting is a dynamic and progressive organization we provide construction and engineering services for various clients.

Al Jaidi Steel Workshop:

Al Jaidi Contracting based in old Sanayah, Riyadh it was established in 1437 H (Greg :2015) we provide Steel fabrication which is a dynamic business activity focused on the manufacturing of steel structures and components. Skilled professionals utilise advanced machinery and tools to transform raw steel into finished goods that serve diverse industries including food and pharmaceutical, industries It encompasses a variety of techniques, including cutting, bending, shaping, rolling, punching and welding steel materials, to produce products.

Al Jaidi HVAC Workshop:

Al Jaidi HVAC Workshop based in new Saniyah near Aramco signal Riyadh Saudi Arabia it was Established in 1440H (Greg 2018), We provide installation and services of Chiller, AHU, Ducting, Wall mount split ac, Packaged air condition unit, Ceiling mount cassette unit, window ac unit and refrigerator